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Wotlk inc

Beitrag von Balthor » So 29. Jun 2008, 09:46

Haben die meisten sicher schon irgendwo gelesen, ich schreibs trotzdem mal hier hin, auch wenn wieder die "aaaaaaaaaalt-Rufer" gleich aufschreien werden:

Class panel
Quote from Blizzard staff

* Entangling roots will be useable indoor.
* Nourish will be a new healing spell, healing for more hit points for each HoT effect on the target.
* There isn't any plan to change cyclone


* All kind of pets will have their own talent tree. A tanking talent tree, a DPS talent tree, and an utility talent tree. Each kind of pet family will have its own talent tree and its own unique ability.
* The shot clipping will be removed from Steady Shot, you'll be able to use it without "interrupting" your autoshot. Hunters will be able to just smash their button.
* There are going to be new pets in WotLK.
* The skill points for each pets are being changed to the new "Pet talents" and will disappear.


* Divine Hymn will be a deep-holy talent protecting your party from attackers, any attacks done to you or your party will cause the attacker to be afflicted by sleep.
* The 51 point talent for Shadow Priests is Dispersion : You disperse into pure shadow energy, reducing all damage taken by -90%. You are unable to attack or cast spells, but you regenerate 6% health and mana every 1 sec for 6 seconds.
* Guardian Spirit - Calls upon a guardian spirit to heal and watch over the friendly target. The spirit heals the target for 642 every 2 sec, and also prevents the target from dying by sacrificing itself. Lasts 10 seconds.


* Mages are getting a Frostfire bolt dealing Frost-Fire damage to make elementalists more viable.


* Totems are being "condensed" into a smaller amount of totems, for exemple Strength of Earth and Grace of Air totems will be merged into the same totem
* A new weapon enchantment will be available "Earthliving Weapon". It will increase the healing power of the Shaman.
* Flametongue will give spell damage bonus to the Shaman.
* Totems are being moved to physical school, you can't counterspell anymore.
* Totems will also affect raid members, not just the local party.
* Shamans are getting "Hex", a polymorph-like spell on a medium cooldown allowing them to turn an enemy into a frog. The enemy cannot cast or attack but is still in control of his character.
* Windfury won't be a weapon enchant anymore and will be changed to a buff. You will be able to use it in bear form or with poison.


* Rogues will get a talent called "Fan of Knives", an AoE ability allowing them to attack all enemies within a short range. It will be some kind of "emergency" ability and you won't be able to spam it.
* Sap will now work on more targets, humanoids, beasts, dragonkins, demons. "Anything with a skull and a brain inside of it".


* Retribution paladins itemization will be moved to the same item as Warriors/Death Knights
* A new reactive healing spell will be added - Hand of Purity.
* Paladin's short-term-blessings no longer overwrite long-term-blessings.


* Demonic Circle will allow warlocks to scribe a circle in the ground to teleport to it later with another spell.
* The 51-Point demonogy talent is a Demon-Form, this will allow you cast AOE Shadowbolts


* Titan's Grip is a new Fury talent and allows warriors to wear 2 hand weapons with a single hand.
* Protection Warriors are getting a spell called "Shockwave" allowing them to damage and stun all the monsters in front of them.
* Bladestorm will be a new Arms talent whirlwinding all enemies in range every x seconds for a few seconds.

Q&A Grab Bag
Quote from Blizzard staff
Raids & Dungeons

* Sunwell Plateau is the last content patch before the expansion release.
* There isn't any plan to nerf Kil'jaeden right now, he's intended to be the last boss before the expansion and is meant to be hard.
* Raiding armor sets and PvP rewards sets will look different and won't share the same model anymore in Wrath of the Lich King.
* Uldum was on the original list of dungeons to be added to Wrath of the Lich King but right now it's still unsure if we'll see it or not.


* Raiding armor sets and PvP rewards sets will look different and won't share the same model anymore in Wrath of the Lich King.

Class Mechanics

* Most of the shaman totems, Unleashed Rage, and Battle Shout are some of the buffs changed in WotLK to affect the whole raid instead of the party.
* Dynamic Line of Sight will be introduced in WotLK PvP, for exemple a pillar might move up and down every 20 seconds, or we might have movable items. More info about Arenas in tomorrow's panel.
* The attacker/target range mechanics are being re-evaluated it might be changed for Wrath of the Lich King to fix most of the existing bugs, including the ones affecting the attack range of Feral Druids.
* Even if it looks like a lot of classes are being changed to make them "more hybrid", but developers still want to keep the classes as distinct as possible.
* There is a plan to give player access to two talent specs to switch between them without having to respec all the time. More details in the future.


* You will be able to use your flying mount again at level 77, and might be able to take passengers at level 80.
* A harbor will be added to Stormwind to transport players to Northrend, a new zone will be added in Northern Plaguelands as the Death Knight starting area, and an arena will be added to Orgrimmar in place of the existing empty one.


* Inscription trading skill is intended to be for both casters and melees, inscriptions benefits every class. The current plan is to use herbalism as the primary gathering profession.

Death Knight

* People playing a Death Knights will see the original voice of their race slightly modified to make it sound more ... Death Knight-ish.
* Tanks will be interchangeable in 5-man dungeons but tanks will have a speciality in 25-man raids. Death Knights will be best against casters and shouldn't be too far behind on other encounters.


* Dagger specialization will be improved for rogues in Wrath of the Lich King.


* There isn't any plan to change the soul shard farming as it's part of the class, but an "emergency soul shard" ability might be added.


* There will be a new model for the Druid's Dire Bear form and the Dire Cat form will be introduced.


* Retribution paladins will share their itemization with Death Knights and Warriors. Their group utility will be increased by making them more efficient DPS-wise.


* The plan is to improve the warrior specs to make sure that DPS warriors would be able to tank a little, while protection warriors would be able to DPS slightly more with new abilities like Shockwave.

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Beitrag von Merowing » So 29. Jun 2008, 15:42

danke so muss ich net woanders schaun :D

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Beitrag von Balthor » Do 3. Jul 2008, 18:48

geht wohl bald los: in der accountverwaltung kann man sich ab sofort registrieren um an der verlosung für die betaplätze teilzunehmen: